Interdisciplinary Research Project
AP European History, Global History II and English 10

*You will need 4 diverse sources for your research.
*1 source must be a PRIMARY SOURCE (a diary, speech, letter, government document etc.)

Use the following resources for your research:


OPAC Find books in our library about your topic that you can check out.
Westchester Library System Find a book in any Westchester library. Order books yourself using your library card or ask Ms. Sandler for help.

Databases: (See Ms. Sandler for the new Password)

Link to Databases
Good databases for this project include:
Student Resources in Context
ABC-CLIO World History Modern Era
ABC-CLIO World At War
World Book Online
Discovery Streaming
Current Biography (1940 - Present if you have a person)

Websites: (Good for Primary Sources!)

History Central Also see "Primary Sources" on the left side
Modern History Sourcebook (Fordham Univ.) Excellent sources
The Best of History Websites Look on the left for your topic
EyeWitness to History Primary Souces - Look in the Index for your time period/location
Eurodocs Primary Souces documents
US Dept. of State Human Rights around the world
Human Rights Watch
United Nations Human Rights
Amnesty International

Works Cited: Remember... Databases have cited information at end of article!

Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting and Style Guide How to cite and format just about everything
Noodle Tools Citation Generator Need log-in
OttoBib Use with ISBN number