Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Project Directions:

1. You may select any organism you wish (bacteria, plant or animal) as long as it truly has been genetically modified through biotechnical processes.
2. Research your organism during class time, in the library and at home.
3. Create a PowerPoint Presentation using the slide handout instructions as your guide. Use legitimate sources and follow the works cited format from the school's reserach packet.cow.png

Databases: See Ms. Sandler for passwords

Science Direct
ABC-CLIO Databases
See Understanding Controversies and Society
Student Resources in Context
World Book Online
Gale Virtual Reference Library Ebooks
ProQuest Articles
EBSCO Articles


Human Genome Project
Action Bioscience
GMO Compass
NY Times article
Cornell Daily Sun debate

Works Cited:
Purdue University Writing Guide How to Cite