Media Project

For this project, you will select a new book, TV show, movie, video game, technology, etc. You should read, watch, play or use it to see how you feel about it. If you liked it, why? What criticisms, if any, did you have?

1. Complete the Media Review Pre-Planning Sheet.

2. Once you have established your opinion, find 3 outside professional reviews to support or refute your opinion. See resources below.

*Be careful and selective when choosing reviews. They must be from an established and reliable source, not some random person who's offering up his/her opinion. Also, stay away from companies trying to promote their own products (no iPhone reviews on the Apple site).

3. Print your sources (including the citation information!) because you'll need to highlight on them.

4. Write a Works Cited page using NoodleTools Works Cited Generator and open it with Google Docs when finished.

5. Highlight the articles in two colors. Use one color for any positive statements and another for any negative comments.

6. Annotate the edited Works Cited Page you saved on Google Docs:
  • Cite your source
  • Summarize the author's opinion in your own words
  • Cite the strongest highlighted sentence
  • Agree or disagree with the author's opinion and provide support

Search Here!

General Media
DATABASES Use password!

NY Times
Wall Street Journal Log in Username: Password: keefelibrary
Common Sense Media

TV shows and movie
Rotten Tomatoes (Movies, DVDs, TV Reviews -(scroll down to "critic's reviews")
TV Guide
Entertainment Tonight online
Common Sense Media
Metacritic TV Review

CNet Technology
Common Sense Media


Kirkus Book reviews
Booklist Book reviews

Rolling Stone

Works Cited

NoodleTools Works Cited Generator

Due Dates, Grading and Point Distribution

(30% of your first quarter grade - late assignments: 10% off per day)

Choice of which new media 10 points due 9/30 (odd) 10/5 (even)

Typed and corrected works cited 30 points due 10/6 (odd) 10/7 (even)

3 Articles, highlighted 20 points due 10/17 (odd) 10/18 (even)

Final Annotated Works Cited Page with dynamic graphics imported 40 points due 10/25 (odd) 10/26 (even)

Reflection Due 10/27 (odd) 10/28 (Even)

4. Write a works cited page.