Please take this survey prior to beginning this project:

Cool Tools for Presentations!


You are North Salem's new technology consultants, hired to create an entertaining and informative digital presentation to help fellow students and faculty learn how and why to use Web 2.0 presentation tools most effectively and efficiently.
Presentation Tools Prezi


In your group, you will be given a technology presentation topic from among the following: Bitstrips, Glogster, Prezi, Animoto, GoAnimate4Schools, LiveBinders, Weebly, VoiceThread, PowToon, Inklewriter, Aurasma, Flipsnack, Google Sites, iMovie (need a Mac)

Presentation Tools Presentation


You will become experts on your tool through watching tutorials, reading instructions and by just experimenting.
Fill out the "Project and Grading Checklist" to show your research and preparation.



Then using your tool to create a presentation, you will teach others how and why to use this presentation tool.
Take a look at this PowerPoint presentation to get an idea how it could be done:,1,Making PowerPoint Slides
Here's a video of someone teaching about the Flip Camera using a camera:

Due Dates:
Part 1: Preparation (10 pts.) - December 4th; 5th
Part 2: Research (50 pts.) - December 6th - 9th
Part 3: Create Presentation (30 pts.) - December 10th - 13th
Part 4: Share Presentation (10 pts.) - BEFORE December 16th; 17th
Part 5: Museum Walk Presentation Takes Place December 16th - 20th